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Ecstatic Dance Gaya - February 3

Ecstatic Dance Gaya - February 3

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This 5th gathering will be guided by the sounds of DJ MUSHIE.

Inner Exploration: Rhythm, Breath, and Renewal


WARM UP - Vera Silva:
As a certified Breathwork Coach by the Yoga Alliance, Vera Silva guides those who wish to initiate or deepen their self-discovery process. With a holistic approach, Vera focuses on the connection between the physical, mental, and emotional bodies. Certified by masters such as Stig Severinsen and Michael Bijker, she shares the transformative power of Conscious Breathing through her inspiring project, promoting the health and inner power of each individual.

MuSHie, born in Coimbra and residing in Leiria, began her musical journey in the mid-2010s as a DJ of tech house, prog, electro, minimal, deep, etc. In 2019, Ecstatic Dance crossed her path, awakening her to a more eclectic, authentic, and nature-connected approach. MuSHie is now a channel of energy and sensations, contributing to the healing and elevation of vibration, from the individual to the collective.

A self-development facilitator, Kambo practitioner, NLP master, and musician, Dan Água is passionate about the connection between the Feminine and Masculine, Body and Soul. Specialized in working with the voice, he empowers individuals to express their authenticity, in connection with life, soul, and nature. With qualities of Sacredness, Trust, and Loving Presence, Dan Água facilitates kambo ceremonies, cacao ceremonies, singing circles, workshops, and retreats, in addition to offering personalized 1:1 sessions.


15:00 - Opening Circle (Bruna and Mac - Founders of Ecstatic Dance Gaya)
15:15 - Breathwork with Vera Silva
15:45 - Start of Ecstatic Dance with DJ - MUSHIE
18:00 - Closing with Dan Água
19:00 - Closing Circle with Bruna and Mac (Founders of Ecstatic Dance Gaya)
19:15 - Closing

Doors will open at 14:30; it is recommended to arrive early to fully enjoy the entire sonic journey.

- Wear comfortable clothing (please take off shoes upon entering; you can use socks if more comfortable)
- Bring a water bottle

This event will take place at the Cultural Forum of Gulpilhares - Praceta Prof. Joaquim Ramiro de Sousa Lopes 44, 4405-672 Gulpilhares.

Ecstatic Dance is a gathering where we dance at 100%, in an environment free of alcohol, drugs, and smoke, revealing our infinite energy through movement.

Ecstatic Dance is an international free dance movement that invites us to dance and celebrate. On the dance floor, the proposal is not to talk, not to use the phone, and to surrender to the music, barefoot, to the rhythm of a sonic journey that takes us to many places within our body and being.

Inspired by the work of Gabrielle Roth (dancer and choreographer from the 70s), Ecstatic Dance is an active meditation, a shamanic journey of movement, healing, celebration, and communion.

Regardless of the state you find yourself in during this experience, we include FEELING, whether it's fatigue, anger, sadness, joy, pleasure, love, or whatever else may arise. The important thing is to bring these emotions to consciousness, welcome them, and release them from our physical body so that the flow of energy does not stagnate.

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