mac silva

Mac is a central figure at INEXCO. His DJing skills are just the beginning of his vast impact. He stands out as an influential Coach and Mentor in Portugal, especially recognized for his transformative work in programs dedicated to companies and teams seeking exponential development.

Mac incorporates a holistic approach to human development, using a wide range of practices in his daily life, including meditation, mindfulness, breathing techniques and the powerful tool of music, to unlock his clients' full potential.

As a DJ at Ecstatic Dance, he transcends the traditional role by creating an atmosphere where music becomes a portal to self-knowledge and community connection. A collective experience that is both intimate and expansive, encouraging participants to explore the limits of their expression while feeling supported and inspired by the collective. Music, under his guidance, becomes a language without words, a shared narrative in which everyone contributes and interprets in their own way, promoting an incomparable sense of unity and belonging.

In addition to leading Ecstatic Dance sessions that unlock authentic expression and deep human connection, Mac ventures into Coaching with a depth that reflects his own journey of self-discovery and expanded consciousness. His ability to integrate these practices into personalized development strategies is what makes him an exceptional mentor. Mac not only guides his clients through personal and professional challenges, he also helps them recognize and cultivate their internal strengths, encouraging a culture of continuous growth, collaboration and innovation within organizations.

Mac believes that the heart of any meaningful transformation is authentic connection—with yourself, with others, and with your surroundings. This philosophy permeates all of her work, from individual coaching sessions to team workshops, where she promotes an atmosphere of openness, trust and positive vulnerability. He challenges conventional norms of leadership and productivity, proposing a more sustainable and balanced model of success, which values ​​integral well-being and harmony between professional and personal life.

Mac's impact goes beyond tangible results. It inspires a wave of positive change that spreads throughout the INEXCO community, creating a multiplier effect of well-being, awareness and sustainability.

His passion for facilitating the expansion of consciousness and his commitment to sustainable practices resonate deeply with those who seek to not only achieve success, but to do so in a way that is harmonious with their deepest values.

Through INEXCO, Mac is redefining what it means to be a leader and an agent of change in the contemporary world. He is a living testimony that by connecting more deeply with our own inner rhythms and the community around us, we can unlock limitless potential for innovation, compassion, and collective growth.