With a common purpose Bruna and Mac came together to create something truly special. Both entrepreneurs with a shared vision of making a positive impact on the world, decided to channel their energy into a project that will go beyond the boundaries of the physical, reaching the sphere of the mind and soul.

With the ambition of creating safe spaces for healing and expanding consciousness, especially here in Vila Nova de Gaia, another project was born:


Guided by their intrinsic belief in the power of human connection, Bruna and Mac saw Acroyoga Gaya as an opportunity to invite others to overcome fears, trust each other, and transcend self-imposed limitations. Inspired by their own journeys of personal growth and transformative experiences, they have created a space where the body becomes the vehicle for expanding consciousness and cultivating a vibrant, inclusive community.

Acroyoga Gaya is more than just a physical practice; It is a philosophy of life, a journey of self-discovery and a path to unity between mind, body and spirit. Inspired by the beauty and fluidity of Ecstatic Dance Gaya , this practice invites each individual to explore new dimensions of self, finding balance, nurturing community, and celebrating the joy of soaring together.

Acroyoga Gaya is an open invitation to all who seek to elevate themselves and others, finding beauty and magic in the limitless possibilities of each moment.


Acroyoga is a practice that combines acrobatics, yoga and Thai massage techniques. It is a form of physical exercise that involves two or more participants working together in acrobatic poses, balances and sequences of movements, generally supported by breathing and body awareness techniques derived from yoga.

This practice promotes not only physical development, such as strength, flexibility, balance and coordination, but also the expansion of consciousness, interpersonal connection, trust and communication between practitioners.

Acroyoga can be practiced at a variety of levels, from beginners to advanced, and is often taught in workshops, classes and specialized events.


Acroyoga offers a transformative experience and a variety of physical, mental and emotional benefits for practitioners.


- Strength Development: Acroyoga postures involve several muscle groups, promoting increased strength throughout the body.

- Improved Flexibility: The movements and stretches practiced in Acroyoga help increase muscle and joint flexibility, reducing stiffness and improving range of movement.

- Improved Balance and Coordination: Working as a team to find balance in acrobatic postures helps develop coordination and static and dynamic balance.


- Expansion of Consciousness: The practice challenges physical and mental limits, leading to an expansion of consciousness and a greater sense of connection with oneself and others.

- Freedom from Fears : Overcoming challenges during practice promotes courage and self-confidence, helping to overcome fears and insecurities.

- Body Awareness: Focusing on body awareness promotes a deeper understanding of one's own anatomy, movement patterns and posture, preventing injuries and promoting physical well-being.


- Development of Trust and Communication: Acroyoga requires mutual trust between partners, promoting clear and effective communication, strengthening relationships.


Acroyoga levels generally follow a progression from beginner to advanced. Here is a general description of common levels:

1. Beginner - At this level, participants are introduced to the basic fundamentals of Acroyoga. This can include simple postures, security techniques, and a focus on building trust and communication between partners.

two. Intermediate - At the intermediate level, practitioners are already comfortable with the basic postures and begin to explore more complex and challenging sequences. They improve their balance, strength and flexibility skills while learning new transitions and movements.

3. Advanced - Advanced practitioners have a significant grasp of basic and intermediate Acroyoga skills. They work on highly complex sequences, more challenging postures and advanced transitions. This level requires excellent communication and trust between partners, as well as a high level of technical and physical skill.

In addition to these main levels, there are sometimes subdivisions or variations. At all levels, it is important to practice safely, respecting the body's limits and developing a deep understanding of technique and communication with your partner.


A typical Acroyoga practice generally involves two or more people in different roles: BASE, FLYER and SPOTTER.

1. Base The person acting as base stands on the ground and provides support for the Flyer. He usually lies on his back, with his feet, legs or hands raised and supports the Flyer.

two. Flyer The Flyer is the person who is supported by the base and performs the acrobatic postures. They can stand, sit or even do inverted postures on the base.

3. Spotter The spotter is an additional person who acts as an observer and safety assistant during practice. They are there to ensure that the posture is performed safely, offering guidance and support if any imbalance or difficulty occurs.

The number of people needed may vary depending on the specific posture and skill level of the participants. In general, many Acroyoga poses can be practiced with just two participants (base and flyer), but some more advanced poses can involve three or more people working together. The spotter is optional but highly recommended, especially for beginners or when practicing more challenging poses.

During a typical Acroyoga practice, participants communicate, coordinate their movements and work together to achieve balance, strength and flexibility. The practice also emphasizes mutual trust and connection between participants.


The practice of Acroyoga is accessible and can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age, gender, previous yoga experience or physical abilities. Here is some information about who can practice Acroyoga:

1. Beginners: It is not necessary to have prior experience in yoga or acrobatics to start practicing Acroyoga. Our Acroyoga classes offer options for beginners, with step-by-step instructions on basic postures and safety techniques.

2. Yoga Practitioners: People experienced in yoga often find a natural transition to Acroyoga, as many of the principles of breathing, body awareness, and meditation are shared between the two practices. However, Acroyoga offers a unique dimension of interaction and teamwork that can complement an individual yoga practice.

3. Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts: Acroyoga is an excellent form of exercise that can challenge strength, flexibility and balance, making it an attractive option for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want to diversify their training routine.

4. Couples and friends: Acroyoga is often practiced in pairs or groups, which makes it a fun and social activity for couples and friends. The practice strengthens the connection and trust between partners, creating a unique experience of sharing and cooperation.

5. People of all ages: There are no age restrictions for practicing Acroyoga. From children to older adults, people of all ages can enjoy the physical, mental and emotional benefits of Acroyoga, adapting poses and difficulty levels as needed.

In short, Acroyoga is an inclusive and accessible practice that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people, regardless of their fitness history or prior experience. If you are interested in trying Acroyoga, it is recommended that you start with classes taught by qualified instructors to learn the correct techniques and ensure a safe and rewarding practice.


Acroyoga JAMs are informal gatherings where practitioners come together to share, explore and improve their skills. " JAM" is an abbreviation for "jam session", a term used in music to describe a session of improvisation and collaboration between musicians. Likewise, an Acroyoga JAM is an opportunity for practitioners to get together, try new postures, exchange techniques and have fun together.

JAMs are generally community gatherings open to practitioners of all levels, from beginners to advanced. They provide a welcoming and collaborative environment, where participants can practice freely and creatively, without the formal structure of a class.

During an Acroyoga JAM, practitioners often form small groups or pairs to explore different poses and sequences, exchange tips and feedback, and challenge each other. JAMs are a great way to expand your practice, meet new people in the Acroyoga community, and be inspired by the creativity and skill of other practitioners.

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