Vera Silva
Vera Silva is the living embodiment of the transformative power of breathing, a true inspiration for those who cross her path. Her story, woven between the threads of engineering and creative entrepreneurship, reveals a woman whose essence transcends conventional boundaries. A dedicated mother, a Porto native at heart and a tireless explorer of life, Vera unfolds in multiple dimensions, all marked by a burning passion for people and life in its fullness.

Her trajectory is a luminous journey of self-knowledge and evolution, in which Breathwork emerges not just as a practice, but as a greater calling.
Vera embraced this path with the curiosity and determination that are characteristic of her, transforming her life and that of many around her. The simplicity of the act of breathing, combined with the depth of its results, became the essence of her Inspirar Project, an initiative born from Vera's fervent desire to share this gift with the world.

As a Breathwork facilitator, Vera Silva is a beacon of knowledge and experience. Its approach, deeply rooted in science and ancestral wisdom, guides participants on an inner journey of discovery and liberation. With every breath, Vera helps unlock the limitless potential of the human being, promoting a deeper connection with one's self, physical and mental health, and lasting serenity.
Her ability to create safe and welcoming spaces allows each individual to explore the depths of their soul, freeing themselves from traumas and limitations and opening themselves to a state of peace and clarity.

The magic of Breathwork, in Vera's hands, becomes a powerful transformation tool, capable of changing lives. She invites everyone to connect with the power of conscious breathing and listen to the body with attention and love, opening to the flow of life with gratitude and presence.
Vera Silva is not just a facilitator, she is a master in the Art of Living, a visionary who sees beyond the visible and a guide for all those who seek to find the beauty and power within themselves.
In Projeto Inspirar, Vera offers not just a practice, but a path to a fuller, vibrant and conscious life.