Access Bars® is a technique developed by Access Consciousness® that consists of activating 32 points on the head when touched, thus allowing energetic unlocking.

These Bars are related to several areas of your life such as:

- Happiness

- Sadness

- Communication

- Healing

- Dreams

- Peace

- Conscience

- Sexuality

- Money

- Control

- Creativity

- Power

- Etc...

These points, when touched, release energy accumulated since childhood until the present moment, thus allowing created patterns to be changed, such as fears, beliefs, points of view and behaviors that have been limiting you in some way.

In a session, when these points are touched, they allow the brain waves to enter a state of coherence, moving from a Gamma or Beta state to an Alpha or Theta state.

After a Bars session, the body learns to receive energy, thus allowing new choices and new opportunities for your life.

This technique has existed since the 90s, founded by Gary Douglas, is available in more than 173 countries and has helped change the lives of more than 30,000 people around the world over the last 25 years.

Benefits of an Access Bars Session and where they work!

- Depressive states, Sadness and Exhaustion
- Stress, Anxiety and Aggression

- Deep-rooted emotional intensities, patterns, control, attitudes, belief systems, anger, frustration and phobias

- Assumed and fixed points of view (which can numb or disable)

- Lack of self-confidence and self-esteem

- Overly active mind

- Insomnia and sleep quality;

- Unlocking creativity;

- Improves all types of relationships (creating space for yourself and others);

- Sexuality;

- Relationship with money;

- Tension with tests and exams (highly recommended for children and young people)

- Quality of life for pregnant women (facilitates childbirth);

- Aging process (beliefs and considerations about what it means to grow old);

- Beneficial in people with ADD and ADHD - Attention Deficit Disorder

- Hyperactivity; OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and other behavioral disorders (this process is very effective in children);

- Fun, Peace, Joy & Ease in every aspect of your life!

How does a Session Work?

During the session the patient is lying on a couch and everything will be prepared to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Then the therapist will start the session with gentle touches along the head. During a session, verbal processes can also be used to unlock energy.

The therapist will access 32 different energetic frequencies, located in the head. And with gentle touches and using your hands as neurotransmitters, these energies are gradually unlocked.

When the bars are run, the energies continue to be released even after 21 days. And the areas of life corresponding to each bar begin to improve.