INEXCO - Expansion of Consciousness Institute

The Expansion of Consciousness Institute (INEXCO) is an expansion of our perceptions about ourselves and the universe.

When we enter this expansion we stop living on autopilot and become more aware of our being, our feelings, emotions and behaviors.

INEXCO is not linked to any religion and at the same time it is linked to all of them, as each of them makes its contribution to a unified knowledge.

INEXCO aims to bring together various techniques/therapies and projects that help people expand their consciousness and have the necessary knowledge to live in accordance with their truth, as this is the only way to find a balance.

Knowledge is what allows us to have a greater understanding of life and the Universe that surrounds us, here we also add science that today already proves what we call spirituality and energy.

INEXCO consists of being a virtual and physical space for people with the purpose of expanding their consciousness, in order to have access to facilitators/therapists, events, retreats using different techniques.

This place aims to:

  • promote a community that brings together people with the same purpose of living and sharing
  • facilitate events with dynamics that work the Mind, Body and Spirit.
  • be a center for meetings, workshops, courses and retreats.

INEXCO promotes events, courses, workshops, immersions, facilitators/therapists and their techniques, on the INEXCO website.

INEXCO promotes social/humanitarian issues.

If you would like to join us, promote your events, therapies, courses and have a Facilitator page at INEXCO, send us an email to or via cell phone or Whatsapp to +351 916785371

Join us on this incredible journey. Come be part of our community, where the passion for expanding consciousness is the link that unites us.

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