Joana Resende

Testimony Joana Resende Ecstatic Dance Gaya

I feel Ecstatic Dance Gaya is a space where I can - through dance - heal emotional wounds, rescue my inner child, recharge energy and release creativity.

Without judgment or observation, I am invited to feel and dance with a community free of judgment and criticism, something that I greatly value and value.
I would also like to highlight something that I really appreciate, namely the way I am welcomed. At each Ecstatic Dance Gaya meeting, I am welcomed with hugs that feel like home, with smiles that warm the heart and empathy that makes us believe that there is hope in Humanity.

And at the end of the event, my energy is renewed with a soul sparkling with happiness! The experience is so positive that it's hard to leave. We don't want to give up that positive and crystalline feeling that was formed during Ecstatic Dance!

Only by experiencing it makes it possible to intrinsically understand all this dynamics, environment and transformation.

I feel immeasurable gratitude for having found this incredible community where I can transmute emotional wounds into flower fields 💖✨

Thank you everyone for sharing your energy, affection and dedication to the event 🤗
Joana Vieira Resende