Individual Session on Systemic and Family Constellations

More than a therapy, systemic family constellation is a work that seeks reconciliation with all ancestors and also issues related to (money, sex, love, etc.) so that patterns of suffering and scarcity are not repeated.

We say that, for life to flow, we need to live according to the “Orders of Love”, the three systemic laws that we must consider:

Belonging – All family members have the right to belong

Hierarchy – Whoever came first has priority in the family system.

Balance – Every exchange in relationships must be balanced.

For our lives to be successful, we need to respect these laws.

When we come into the world within a family, we not only inherit a genetic heritage, but also belief systems and behavioral patterns. Our family is an energy field within which we evolve. Each one, from birth, occupies a unique place.

We are kept in the personal and individual family field at a certain level, which is trapped or increases our willingness to be happy, to choose freely, to be successful in what we undertake, to make pleasant relationships, health, well-being and also diseases.

It turns out that we experience the feeling of having been kept in problematic schemes since time immemorial.

Family constellations give us the opportunity to understand schemas on a deeper level. They allow us to free ourselves while finding peace and happiness.

The nature of our family energy field is determined by our family history, particularly religion and beliefs. Our country of origin, the religion we were born into, also play a role. This nature is shaped by remarkable events, such as the history of parents' and grandparents' relationships, death of a very young child, abortion, premature birth, adoption, suicide, war, forced exile, change of religion, incest, ancestors aggressor or victim , betrayal, or even trust.

The generous and altruistic actions of our parents and ancestors are healthy for us, while bad actions modify the family energy field, forcing subsequent generations to pay a certain price.

The constellation, in addition to energetically releasing what is conditioning life, also brings a change in the way of thinking, so that the next time you have to face an issue, it is possible to have the maturity to act differently.

The constellation is capable of releasing traumas, sadness, depression, fears, conscious and unconscious memories from the family system, bringing a new way of seeing life.

If this makes sense, come and learn about your family system.

Are you in the right place?

Are you repeating unhealthy patterns from your ancestors?