Inexco Founders Bruna Nunes and Mac Silva

The hearts and minds behind INEXCO

Bruna Nunes, the vision turned into reality

Born from a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit and a burning passion for transforming lives, Bruna's journey at INEXCO is the manifestation of her dream to help each person achieve heightened consciousness.

With an established career in Digital Marketing and significant experiences as co-founder of an internationally renowned e-commerce platform and member of the Industry 4.0 study group in Portugal, her heart has always sought more.

It was personal development that showed him the way when, after reaching all his professional milestones, he felt a void that only inner growth could fill. Since then, she has been a consciousness facilitator, dedicating her life to guiding others through circles, retreats and courses that not only teach, but transform.
The idea for the INEXCO project arose from a revelation in meditation and grew to become its greatest contribution to humanity: a sanctuary of growth and evolution.

Mac Silva the journey of a visionary

Mac, a visionary mentor and coach, is driven by a deep desire to see people not just live, but flourish. His life is dedicated to human development and each person he helps is a testimony to the power of self-knowledge and self-care. Her passion is to see others discover and explore their inner strengths and wisdom, living lives of purpose and genuine happiness.

Her approach is based on the belief that balance and joy in the present are essential for a fulfilling life. Outside of his roles as a mentor and coach, he speaks and facilitates retreats and immersions, providing safe spaces for spiritual and personal exploration. Her practices include contemplative walks by the sea, meditation and precious moments with family and friends.

Together, Bruna and Mac are more than founders. They are the pillars of INEXCO, shaping a vision that transcends the individual and has become a movement, a vibrant community of people united by the passion to live more fully and consciously.

With INEXCO, we invite everyone to join us on this transformative journey we call conscious living.
Let's move our bodies and free our souls together, raising our consciousness and touching the stars.