Bruna Nunes

Bruna Nunes emerges as the indomitable facilitator at the forefront of expanding consciousness and human well-being, shaping destinies with a tireless passion for life.

With a resilient soul, born under the vast sky of Portugal, he found in the murmur of the Atlantic waves, especially during the winter months, not only a refuge, but an inexhaustible source of physical and emotional healing.

Her journey, marked by a profound awakening that makes her smile at life and immerse herself in its splendor, reflects her unshakable determination and sharp insight.

An entrepreneur to the core, Bruna has a degree in Marketing Management, combined with a burning passion for technology. Her curiosity, as vast as the ocean she loves, led her down multiple paths - from social worker to interior decorator, to achieving international recognition as Co-Founder and CMO of an innovative startup.

However, it was the transformative encounter with Access Bars and the Quantum Physics teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza that triggered a new chapter in her life, leading her to a total dedication to quantum healing and the facilitation of consciousness.

Over the last six years, moving away from the pressures of a career in Digital Marketing and E-Commerce, Bruna has radically embraced her role as a Consciousness Facilitator, following a path illuminated by infinite possibilities for self-improvement.

His commitment to transforming reality and his commitment to contributing to a better world are evidenced not only through his founding of INEXCO - Institute for Expansion of Consciousness, but also in the creation of spaces of expressive freedom such as Ecstatic Dance Gaya and the Acroyoga Gaya.

With books as refuge and food and travel as existential paths, Bruna became a determining figure in energetic transformation, retaining only the energies that are beneficial to her.

Optimistic by nature, she faces life lightly and with a constant smile, convinced that each situation carries with it a new opportunity for growth.

Her belief in love, compassion and kindness as healing forces capable of transforming not only one's inner world, but also our global community, is a testament to her indomitable vision and her heart overflowing with positive energy.

Bruna Nunes' expertise extends deeply into the practices she so passionately facilitates, becoming a bridge between ancestral knowledge and modern discoveries in the field of expanding consciousness.

Dedicated to empowering individuals, Bruna provides powerful spaces for liberation from limiting patterns, opening paths for the expansion of consciousness and integral well-being.

With a deep dive into Quantum Physics, it transcends conventionality, facilitating not only the scientific understanding of the reality that surrounds us, but also the practical application of this wisdom in everyday life.

Each session, each workshop, under his guidance are journeys to discover the self, an opportunity for liberation and deep connection with the infinite possibilities that reside within each being.

It is this unique combination of passion, knowledge and practical application that makes Bruna an indomitable facilitator, whose mission transcends simple practice, aiming for the true transformation of individual and collective consciousness.