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Ecstatic Dance, or Ecstatic Dance, is a meeting where we dance 100%, in an environment free of alcohol, drugs and smoke, where our infinite energy is revealed through movement.

Ecstatic Dance is an international free dance movement that invites us to dance and celebrate. On the dance floor the proposal is not to talk, not to use the phone and to surrender to the music, standing barefoot, to the rhythm of a sound journey that takes us to many places in our body and our being.

Inspired by the work of Gabrielle Roth (dancer and choreographer from the 70s), Ecstatic Dance is an active meditation, a shamanic journey of movement, healing, celebration and communion : )

After the creation of Ecstatic Dance Gaya, what we received was so great that we felt the desire to expand the movement to other cities and bring healing through dance to as many people as possible.

Ecstatic Dance Braga was founded by Bruna Nunes and Mac Silva

Ecstatic Dance Gaya Founders

About MAC

Founder of Ecstatic Dance Gaya, Braga and Acroyoga Gaya.

I'm passionate about creating spaces where every step is an opportunity to connect with our most authentic essence. As an Ecstatic Dance facilitator, I want to delve into the depths of music and movement, guiding our collective journey toward pure joy and uninhibited freedom.

My mission is to unlock the bonds that bind us and allow our bodies and souls to free themselves in a celebration of rhythm and vibration. Each beat will guide us closer to who we really are, and the dance floor will be the sacred setting where we can let go of all inhibitions and dance like no one is watching.

With a diverse and engaging soundtrack, from tribal beats to mesmerizing electronic melodies, my Ecstatic Dance sessions will be an invitation to lose yourself in the present moment and rediscover yourself through movement. As we explore the ecstasy of dance, transcending words and finding connection through gestures, let's dance, vibrate and create unforgettable memories together. I can't wait for us to meet on the dance floor and witness the incredible journeys that are about to unfold. Dance is the language we all share - come express yourself, liberate yourself and become part of this vibrant community of joy seekers!

Tune in to the rhythm of life.

Let's Dance!

Dedicated to Human Development since 2018, facilitator and translator at Spiritual Retreats from North to South of the country.
Ecstatic Dancer For as long as I can remember, it is in dance that I connect and visualize my guides and my essence.


Visionary Founder of INEXCO and Ecstatic Dance Gaya, Braga and Acroyoga Gaya.

I am passionate about life and an eternal dreamer who believes in the extraordinary.

I was born in Portugal, a country bathed by the Atlantic, and I have a deep connection with the sea, which inspires me. In winter, I dive into the cold, salty waters to meditate and find physical and emotional healing.

Traveling, getting to know new cultures and people has always fascinated me. I am tirelessly curious, determined and insightful.

My spiritual journey began with an Access Bars session, which led me to become a consciousness facilitator and deeply explore Quantum Physics with Dr. Joe Dispenza.

As a free-spirited entrepreneur, my visionary vision guided me to create INEXCO. I transformed my career from Digital Marketing and E-Commerce to Conscious Marketing, because I knew there was something bigger I was destined to do.

I have a degree in Marketing Management and my passion for technology, books and travel continues to enrich my search for knowledge and growth.

I believe passionately in the power of love, compassion and kindness to transform lives and our shared world of community.

Dance is my passion, a way of connecting with the divine and releasing emotions and energy accumulated in the body, because the body is like a river, it needs to flow so that energy can flow through it.

As the founder of INEXCO and ECSTATIC DANCE GAYA, my vision is to inspire others to connect to life, consciousness and joy, believing that the extraordinary is possible when we follow our dreams.


We are waiting for you 🕺✨💃

Bruna and Mac

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