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Ecstatic Dance Gaya - March 2 EMPOWERMENT

Ecstatic Dance Gaya - March 2 EMPOWERMENT

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This 6th meeting will be led by the Founders of Ecstatic Dance Gaya a Bruna who will activate each person's personal power and channel energy to co-create what we desire together and Mac (DJ WILDINSIDE) will lead our wave .

EMPOWERMENT - Bruna Nunes is an entrepreneur passionate about awakening people's potential, leading them to activate their personal power to direct their energy towards achieving dreams and goals. A woman of action and materialization, Bruna is a true enthusiast for life, a restless mind that yearns to learn more about everything that exists.

His journey of transformation was marked by moments of deep reflection and learning. It was through intensive studies of the mind, body and quantum physics that she discovered the incredible power each possesses. By diving into the depths of Dr. Joe Dispenza's teachings and Buddhism, Bruna understood that a simple thought has the power to shape our reality and open up a world of infinite possibilities.

This realization led to a thrilling revelation: anyone has the power to create the life they want. With that burning conviction, he became an inspiration to others, sharing his journey of self-discovery and encouraging everyone to believe in their unlimited potential.

For Bruna, the key is understanding that nothing is permanent and that each of us has the power to change our lives. It's this belief that drives her work, empowering others to embrace their own inner power and build the lives of their dreams.

DJ WILDINSIDE - Mac (@wildinside_dj) founder of ECSTATIC DANCE GAYA is passionate about body expression and the power of music as a means of connection and transformation. He began his journey as an ECSTATIC DANCE DJ with a deep desire to create spaces where people could free themselves, express themselves and connect with themselves and others in an authentic and non-judgmental way.

With a personal journey of discovery through free dance, he immersed himself in the universe of ECSTATIC DANCE with a clear purpose: to facilitate experiences that transcend physical and mental limits, encouraging genuine expression, creativity and emotional healing.

His wave is a fusion of rhythms, eclectic sounds and freedom of movement, providing a welcoming environment for everyone, regardless of their previous dance experience. With an inclusive approach, he is committed to creating moments of celebration, self-discovery and communion through free and conscious dance.
WARM UP - As a breathwork coach , Vera Silva has been working with everyone who wants to start or continue their process of self-knowledge and development, focusing on connecting the physical, mental and emotional bodies. Certified by the Yoga Alliance as a Breathwork Teacher and with certifications with several masters (eg Stig Severinsen and Michael Bijker), she has shared the power of Conscious Breathing through the Inspirar Project . Project created by you to promote health through each person's inner power, breathing.


15:00 - Opening Circle with Bruna (Founder of Ecstatic Dance Gaya)

15:15 - Breathwork with Vera Silva

15:30 - Empowerment with Bruna Nunes

16:30 - Start of Ecstatic Dance DJ - WILDINSIDE (Mac)

19:00 - Closing Circle with Bruna (Founder of Ecstatic Dance Gaya)

19:15 - Closing

20:00 - AFTER ECSTATIC - Dinner with the community. (LIMITED PLACES)

Doors will open at 2:30 pm; It is recommended that you arrive early in order to enjoy the entire sound journey.


- Comfortable clothing (when entering the space you must take off your shoes, you can wear socks if this is more comfortable)

- Bottle of water

Registration until February 26th €25.00 then €30.00

(registration is only confirmed after payment)

This event will be held at the Gulpilhares Cultural Forum - Praceta Prof. Joaquim Ramiro de Sousa Lopes 44, 4405-672 Gulpilhares

Ecstatic Dance is a meeting where we dance 100%, in an environment free of alcohol, drugs and smoke, where our infinite energy is revealed through movement.

Ecstatic Dance is an international free dance movement that invites us to dance and celebrate. On the dance floor the proposal is not to talk, not to use the phone and to surrender to the music, standing barefoot, to the rhythm of a sound journey that takes us to many places in our body and our being.

Inspired by the work of Gabrielle Roth (dancer and choreographer from the 70s), Ecstatic Dance is an active meditation, a shamanic journey of movement, healing, celebration and communion : )

Regardless of the state you are in in this experience, we include FEELING such as tiredness, anger, sadness, joy, pleasure, Love and whatever else needs to be manifested. The important thing is to bring these emotions to consciousness, welcome them and release them from our physical body so that the flow of energy does not become stagnant.


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