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Ecstatic Dance Gaya - November 4th

Ecstatic Dance Gaya - November 4th

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Ecstatic Dance , or Ecstatic Dance, is a meeting where we dance 100%, in an environment free of alcohol, drugs and smoke, where our infinite energy is revealed through movement.

Ecstatic Dance is an international free dance movement that invites us to dance and celebrate. On the dance floor the proposal is not to talk, not to use the phone and to surrender to the music, standing barefoot, to the rhythm of a sound journey that takes us to many places in our body and our being.

Inspired by the work of Gabrielle Roth (dancer and choreographer from the 70s), Ecstatic Dance is an active meditation, a shamanic journey of movement, healing, celebration and communion : )

Regardless of the state you are in in this experience, we include FEELING such as tiredness, anger, sadness, joy, pleasure, Love and whatever else needs to be manifested. The important thing is to bring these emotions to consciousness, welcome them and release them from our physical body so that the flow of energy does not become stagnant.

This 2nd meeting will be conducted to the sound of DJ AKSHI

Akshi is a therapist and facilitator who is dedicated to supporting people to expand their consciousness and remember their true essence.

His fascination with music, modern therapeutic techniques and ancient wisdom have led him to create unique experiences designed to touch people's bodies and hearts and support them in their healing, personal growth and spiritual awakening.

For him, DJing means facilitating a space for personal development, where the beat of the music touches every cell of the body, inviting people to delve into different dimensions of their Being. An invitation to free movement, self-expression and personal transformation through of the body and dance.

He is Co-Founder of One Love Institute , an organization dedicated to supporting and inspiring people to awaken to their true essence and potential through experiences, individual sessions and workshops.
WARM UP - As a breathwork coach , Vera Silva has been working with everyone who wants to start or continue their process of self-knowledge and development, focusing on connecting the physical, mental and emotional bodies. Certified by the Yoga Alliance as a Breathwork Teacher and with certifications with several masters (eg Stig Severinsen and Michael Bijker), she has shared the power of Conscious Breathing through the Inspirar Project . Project created by you to promote health through each person's inner power, breathing.


15:00 - Opening Circle

15:15 - Breathwork with Vera Silva

15:30 - Start of Ecstatic Dance

17:30 - Final Circle

18:00 - Closing

Doors will open at 2:30 pm; It is recommended that you arrive early in order to enjoy the entire sound journey.


- Comfortable clothing (when entering the space you must take off your shoes, you can wear socks if this is more comfortable)

- Water bottle and yoga mat

Registration until September 25th €25.00 then €30.00

(registration is only confirmed after payment)

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