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Circle of Peace

Circle of Peace

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Circle for World Peace: A Journey of Love and Unity

In a world marked by conflict and division, it is time to come together in a circle of love and peace. Together, we will send powerful healing energy to countries involved in war and to all people suffering from this terrible reality.

On March 16th, with the support of INEXCO - Institute for Expansion of Consciousness and Ecstatic Dance Gaya, we invite you to join us on a unique journey of connection and harmony. This event is organized by Dan Água, together with talented musicians and facilitators, including Bruna Nunes, Mac Silva, Sofia Benvinda, Mano Chico, Sara Rios, Artur Ivanov, Ri and Ana Domingas, coming together to make the world a better place .

The event will begin at 8pm with a heart-rooting meditation to connect our hearts that will merge into a circle of collective singing and prayer, where our voices will unite in a powerful melody of hope and solidarity. At 10:30 pm, we land with a moving sound journey, allowing our energy to harmonize with the earth.

This event is open to everyone who wants to contribute to a more peaceful and loving world. We invite you to participate and make a donation, which will go to institutions that promote peace and provide assistance to countries affected by war. As it is a community meeting, we invite you to bring some food/snacks to share at our sharing table.

Join us on this wonderful journey of love and peace.

Registration is open and your presence is essential for this journey to be a success. Together, we can make a difference and spread light in the midst of darkness.

Date: March 16
Time: 7:30 pm – Gates open
8:00 pm – Heart Meditation
8:15 pm – Singing circle and collective prayer
10:30 pm – Grounding sound journey
23:00 – Closing circle

So far, the project has donated to 4 beautiful peace organizations, all working in the Middle East and all with Palestinians and Israelis working together to promote peace:
- Hand in hand
- Women wage peace
- Standing together
- Combatants for peace

That said, the project aims for global peace and seeks more global peace organizations that have people on both sides of a conflict working together for peace.
If you have any recommendations, please let us know.

At the moment, until further research is done, we will donate to “fighters for peace”. Here is the website 👇

Join us and let's create a better world together.

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