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Products sold by INEXCO, Lda - Institute for Expansion of Consciousness, with NIF 517 694 387, with headquarters at Avenida de Sagres, 4405-700 Vila Nova de Gaia. The information about the products presented on the Site is only intended to provide a brief informative summary for the visitor's convenience and information.

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The Participant, according to the identification provided at the time of registration for the Acroyoga Jam event.


  1. The Organizer promotes an Acroyoga Jam event, which consists of group acrobatic yoga practices, involving physical exercises that may include lifting, balancing and acrobatic maneuvers in partnership or in a group;

  2. The Participant wishes to participate in said event, being aware of the risks inherent to the practice of Acroyoga, including, but not limited to, injuries due to poorly executed movements, falls, among others;

  3. The Participant declares to have adequate physical condition to participate in the event and, if necessary, to have consulted a health professional before engaging in the proposed activities.


I. Disclaimer

The Participant expressly exempts INEXCO Lda - Instituto de Expansão da Consciência, the promoters, their employees, volunteers, sponsors and any other party involved in organizing the event from any and all liability for accidents, injuries, damages or any other loss that may occur during or as a result of participation in the Acroyoga Jam event, whether due to negligence or another type of act or omission.

II. Risk Assumption

The Participant voluntarily acknowledges and assumes all risks associated with participating in the event, understanding the potentially dangerous nature of Acroyoga activities and undertakes to adopt all safety measures recommended by the organizers and instructors.

III. Indemnity

The Participant agrees to indemnify and exempt INEXCO Lda - Instituto de Expansão da Consciência from any liability, cost, expense or legal demand, including legal fees, resulting from their participation in the Acroyoga Jam event.

IV. Consent for Medical Care

The Participant authorizes INEXCO Lda - Instituto de Expansão da Consciência and its personnel designated to request medical assistance in case of emergency, recognizing that any costs associated with such assistance will be their sole responsibility.

V. Acceptance of Terms

By purchasing participation in the Acroyoga Jam events, the Participant confirms that they have read and understood all the terms and conditions established herein, agreeing to be legally bound by them.

In case of violation of these Terms and Conditions, we reserve the right to take any and all legally prescribed action. Furthermore, we reserve the right to, at its discretion, terminate access to or use of the Site, with or without notice to the User.

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