Bruna Nunes Founder INEXCO

This project was born due to my entrepreneurial spirit, curiosity, power of materialization and because I LOVE helping others.

I am a specialist in Digital Marketing, I was Co-Founder of an E-Commerce platform with international recognition, I was part of the Industry 4.0 study group promoted by the Portuguese government.

I started my journey, around 7 years ago, towards personal development, because the goals I had in my professional career had been achieved and even so, I felt something was missing...

After a Bars session my consciousness began to expand. From then on, my incessant search for knowledge never stopped.

After a few years of study I decided to help people with my techniques and knowledge so that they too can evolve.

Today I am CMO, consciousness facilitator, therapist and trainer. I created a community of people who have the same goal where I promote circles, retreats and courses.

The idea for this project came about in meditation, something that was initially scary, but today I know it has become bigger than me. It is my contribution to humanity so that all people can have access to the information necessary for a higher consciousness.