João Tavares Ecstatic Dance Gaya

What an explosion of energy, of feelings,...

What a liberation!

It's so good to have a space where we can "BE" and there are no judgements!

It's so good to feel each personal achievement with each ecstatic, from the first time I was with you, where I only danced with my "eyes", because my body barely moved 🤣, to now being able to enjoy the room and the company of all the wonderful people who are in her.

A thank you to Me (for allowing me), a thank you to everyone who has shared ecstatic with me (for helping me overcome barriers with your energy) and a special thank you to @Bruna Nunes and @Mac Silva for creating this space with their unique and incredible energy!

Until the next Gaia Ecstatic! 💥✨🙏🏼🍀🤍