At the heart of the Instituto Expansão da Consciência (INEXCO), we are pleased to offer welcoming and inspiring spaces to carry out your therapies. If you are a dedicated therapist and are looking for an environment that encourages healing and well-being, our rooms are at your service.

Why Choose Our Rooms:

- Healing-Conducive Environment : Our rooms have been carefully designed to create a peaceful and serene environment, perfect for therapeutic sessions. Each space is equipped to provide comfort for both therapists and clients.

- Location Close to Porto : We are conveniently located 600 meters from Praia da Aguda, just a 5-minute walk from Aguda Train Station and very close to the vibrant city of Porto. Our location is strategic, ensuring that people can easily find their way to us.

- Variety of Sizes : We offer therapy rooms in different sizes, suitable for individual or group sessions. Choose the space that best meets your therapeutic needs.

- Supportive Atmosphere : At INEXCO, we value the importance of mutual support. When you rent our rooms, you become part of a community of therapists committed to personal growth and well-being.

Additional benefits:

- Exclusive access to common areas, including our garden, library and restaurant.

- Special discounts on events and workshops held at INEXCO.

- Opportunity for collaboration and networking with other therapists.

- Well-lit and comfortable spaces designed to promote relaxation and healing.

What’s Included in the Cabinets:

Our offices can be rented by the day, hour or monthly and include:

- 1 desk with chairs to accommodate therapist and client.

- A couch for therapeutic sessions.

Professional Disclosure and Promotion:

At INEXCO, we believe in supporting our therapists and facilitators. We offer publicity and promotion services on our communication channels, mainly through digital marketing, social networks and on our website. This allows therapists to focus on their therapy while INEXCO handles outreach and promotion, helping to attract more clients within and outside the community.

Additional Information:

Our century-old house has been completely renovated, maintaining its old style, and is equipped with all current amenities.

We have 5 therapy rooms available, ready to support your therapeutic work.

How to Rent:

Renting one of our therapy rooms is simple. Please contact us via email to check availability and discuss your specific needs. You can also schedule a visit to see the space and our facilities.

Join Us at INEXCO:

If you are passionate about helping others on their journey of growth and healing, come be part of our therapeutic community at INEXCO. We look forward to welcoming committed therapists who want to make a difference in people's lives.

Be part of this journey of expanding consciousness and well-being.